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Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
Meeting the Challenge of Governance in a Neoliberal World Jan 30, 2020 Reflections
Higher Education Policy for Undocumented Students in the United States: Does It Matter? What is Lacking? Jan 31, 2019 Reflections
Compensation in Cuba: Employee Engagement and Motivation through a Socialist Lens Feb 2, 2018 Reflections
Musings on The Human-Ecology Imaginary Feb 7, 2017 Reflections
Macroprudential Regulation and the Politics of Delegation in Financial Governance Feb 7, 2019 Reflections
Perspective, Power and Complexity at the Planning Table: Thoughts for NGOs Working in International Development Feb 8, 2018 Reflections
Who Speaks for the Farmer in the Green New Deal? Feb 13, 2020 Reflections
Education for Human Development Feb 15, 2018 Reflections
What Machine Kills Fascists? A Critical Reflection on the Political Power of Sound in the Trump Era Feb 16, 2017 Reflections
Income Is Not the Only Way Student Athletes Are Shortchanged Feb 20, 2020 Reflections
Examining the Land-Grant Engagement Mission through the Lens of Community Cultural Development Feb 21, 2019 Reflections
Politics, Prediction and the Rise of Donald Trump Introduction Feb 27, 2017 Reflections
Posing a Corrective to the Ill Effects of Neoliberalism for Self-Governance Feb 28, 2019 Reflections
“Fake News” in Informational Ecology Mar 2, 2017 Reflections
Curating the Spectacle of a “Decolonized Vision” at the Royal Museum of Central Africa: Rethinking the Inheritance of Colonial Museums Mar 5, 2020 Reflections
Modi and Trump: Understanding Their Political Targeting of Muslims Mar 11, 2019 Reflections
Everything old is new again: The Emergence of the European Coal and Steel Community as an Imperial Project Mar 15, 2018 Reflections
The NGO Regulatory Framework in Liberia or how an American Charity’s Activities could go so Awry Mar 19, 2020 Reflections
Contemplating the Tensions Between Technical and Adaptive Approaches in International Development Mar 22, 2018 Reflections
Empires and Barbarians: The EU and Violence at its Margins Mar 23, 2017 Reflections
Prefabricating Poverty: The Political Implications of Prefabrication Mar 29, 2018 Reflections
Is Climate Change real? Greenhouse Gases, Climate Science and the Human Outlook Mar 30, 2017 Reflections
Planning: A Profession with An Identity Crisis in The Absence of a Core Paradigm Apr 5, 2018 Reflections
Evaluating the Meaning of Consent in the Gig-economy Apr 6, 2017 Reflections
Reflections on a Greenhouse Project with which I Worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica Apr 12, 2018 Reflections
Ethics Versus Efficiency in Global Healthcare -by Rebecca Powell (MPH) Apr 13, 2017 Reflections
Can Natural Disasters Yield Positive Long-Term Outcomes? Apr 15, 2021 Reflections
Conflict, Communication and Collaboration: Is There Really a Middle Ground? Apr 19, 2018 Reflections
Boycotts vs. Sanctions: An Ethical Comparison Apr 25, 2019 Reflections
Community, Social Imaginaries and Capacity Building Apr 29, 2021 Reflections
Women’s Power in the Middle East: A Brief Analysis May 2, 2019 Reflections
Public Values and Management Complexity in the Protection of a Tropical National Park May 5, 2021 Reflections
Institutional inclusion and the question of epistemic abundance in the neoliberal academy: A critical analysis Aug 29, 2019 Reflections
Relationships: Antidote for Shifts in Funding Towards Proof of Public Value for Public Services? Aug 30, 2018 Reflections
Can Administrative Burdens in the Admissions Process Hinder or Prevent Undocumented Students’ Access to Higher Education? Sep 5, 2019 Reflections
Images, Structures and Individual’s Choices: The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Paradox Sep 6, 2018 Reflections
Academic Freedom and Shared Governance: Does one protect the other? Sep 7, 2017 Reflections
U.S. Policy at Cross-Purposes: The State of the Nation’s STEM Agenda Sep 10, 2020 Reflections
A Reflection on Competing Perspectives on International Aid in Nepal Sep 12, 2019 Reflections
The Political Economy of Trade Agreements Sep 13, 2018 Reflections
After Cairo 2050: The Spatial Politics of Regime Security in Umm Al-Dunya Sep 14, 2017 Reflections
A Reflection from Nepal: A Path to Engage Returning Migrants in Agriculture? Sep 17, 2020 Reflections
Reflections on Women Pioneers in Rocket Science Sep 19, 2019 Reflections
WWII Nazi Germany and White Supremacy in America: Father and Son? Sep 21, 2017 Reflections
Reflecting on Trust and Social Justice in the thought of David Hume and John Rawls Sep 21, 2018 Reflections
The Political Dimension of the Challenge of Technological Disruption Sep 27, 2018 Reflections
What lessons can Hurricane Harvey teach us? Sep 28, 2017 Reflections
Advocating for Diversity: A Critique of the Benefits Argument Oct 4, 2018 Reflections
A (Hopeful) Pre-Professor’s Ponderings on the Potential of Critical Pedagogy Oct 5, 2017 Reflections
Strategizing Expert Involvement In Rulemaking Oct 8, 2020 Reflections
Minority Operated Farms across the Nation Oct 11, 2018 Reflections
Planning for Communication with Non-English Speakers in Disaster Situations Oct 12, 2017 Reflections
Revisiting the Impacts of the Green Revolution in India Oct 15, 2020 Reflections
Recognizing the Inner Light in Everyone: Quaker Beliefs Provide One Foundation to Seek Mutual Understanding Oct 22, 2018 Reflections
Nature and Sustainability in Transportation Infrastructure Development Oct 24, 2019 Reflections
Mental Health Interventions Post-Disaster Oct 25, 2018 Reflections
“Disabled Femininities” in Paralympic Sport: Exploring the Narratives of Brazilian Female Paralympians* Oct 26, 2017 Reflections
Can agroecology bring justice to international agricultural development policy? Oct 29, 2020 Reflections
Rethinking the Challenge of Transportation Equity Oct 30, 2018 Reflections
Globalization and Sustainable Development Nov 1, 2016 Reflections
The Art of the Commute* Nov 1, 2019 Reflections
Strategic Use of Media in Mobilizing – Khunti Diaries Nov 2, 2017 Reflections
America’s Recent Military Actions in the Middle East Nov 3, 2016 Reflections
What is ‘Smart’ in Smart Cities (in the making) in India? Nov 7, 2019 Reflections
Cultivating Radical Imagination: Envisioning Alternatives to Ascendant Reactionary Movements and Neoliberal Self-Destruction Nov 8, 2018 Reflections
Hogra and Youth Inclusion in the MENA region Nov 11, 2016 Reflections
Youth as a Social Construct Nov 13, 2017 Reflections
Trade Agreements and Democracy Nov 16, 2017 Reflections
Acknowledging the Gap in Higher Education: The Importance of Empathy in Engineering Majors Nov 16, 2018 Reflections
Protecting Cultural Property and Heritage Sites During Conflict Nov 17, 2016 Reflections
Reflections on the Future of Community Cultural Development Nov 21, 2019 Reflections
Cooperative Organizations: Toward an On-Going Practice of Democracy Nov 28, 2016 Reflections
Disturbing the Traces of Colonialism in the Tropen Museum Nov 29, 2018 Reflections
Puerto Rico’s Citizenship Status and Disaster Nov 30, 2017 Reflections
On Elephant Skin: Critical Data Studies and Political Economy Dec 6, 2018 Reflections
The Spectre Haunting North America? A Democratic Socialist Moment in the Era of Trump Dec 7, 2017 Reflections
Social Movements, Neoliberal Policy and Indian Democracy Dec 12, 2016 Reflections