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Students & Fellows


Katie Hanton
Graduate Assistant, PhD Student in PGG


Research Interests:

  • Trust
  • Racialization of Space 
  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • Municipal/Local Government 
  • Equitable Community Development
  • Social Science Education
Joong Won Kim
PhD Student in PGG

Marcel Worphy Pambo (CV)

Research Interests:

  • Political Accountability
  • Regional collective security in West Africa
  • Community Change
Laura Nelson
Graduate Assistant, Master's Student in Urban and Regional Planning


Research Interests:

  • Social Ecology
  • Community Cultural Development
  • Self-Identity and Place
  • Sustainable City Development 
  • Green Planning and Community Health 
  • Equitable Resource Planning
Aparajita Sengupta
Graduate Assistant, Master's Student in Public Health

Dana Carhart (CV)

Research Interests:

  • Over-processed foods and food additives 
  • Food sovereignty 
  • Social determines of health
  • Policy development and evaluation
  • Early intervention for students with learning disabilities
Amin Farzaneh
Graduate Assistant, PhD student in PGG

Amin Farzaneh (CV)

Research Interests:

  • Urban Regeneration
  • Community Development and Social Change
  • Ethnic Inequalities and Urban Policy
  • Placemaking
  • Marginalization
  • Tourism and Art


Wafa Al-Daily, Associate Director for Global Initiatives, Virginia Tech Outreach and International Affairs (OIA)


Andy Morikawa, Executive Director Emeritus of the Community Foundation of the New River Valley (Virginia)

Robert Leonard, Professor, School of Performing Arts, Virginia Tech 


Katy Powell, Director of the Center for Refugee, Migrant, and Displacement Studies and Professor of English, Virginia Tech

Marcy Schnitzer, Assistant Provost for Diversity and Strategic Planning, Virginia Tech

Nancy White, Principal, One Robin, LLI