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Ariel Podcast
Dr. Ariel Otruba (center), feminist political geographer and conflict resolution practitioner at Arcadia University, sits with IPG graduate assistants Amin Farzaneh (left) and Brad Stephens (right) for a podcast recording on Oct. 4, 2023. The topic of the podcast was on her exhibit at Newman Library, "Violent Infrastructure: Ecologies of Decay and Displacement", which will continue to be on display through December 2023. To view the link to this recording, please visit Trustees without Borders below. Photo credit: Billy Parvatam.

The Institute has utilized podcasting as a medium for sharing stories, academic expertise, and community change praxis with a broader audience for more than a decade.

You can explore our series, described below, on any platform that streams podcasts. For additional information, please contact Brad Stephens at

Trustees Without Borders Image

Trustees Without Borders (TWB) is a podcast series produced in association with graduate student members of the Community Change Collaborative (CCC)Senior Fellow Andy Morikawa curated the series for many years following its origination in 2007.

TWB features leading practitioners, thinkers, and designers working to reframe and strengthen communities, doing so without borders or limits on their ideas and aspirations, without borders on what they think is possible, without borders concerning with whom they will work and without constraints on their dreams for a more just and inclusive community. The podcast is currently hosted by Brad Stephens, PhD student in Planning, Governance, and Globalization (PGG) and a graduate assistant at IPG. 

Explore more than 80 episodes of Trustees Without Borders here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Social Science for Public Good Image

The Social Science for Public Good podcast is a 2023-2024 project of the Institute for Policy and Governance and VT Publishing intended to make social science theories accessible and available to individuals and organizations seeking to promote social change. Two PhD students in the Planning, Governance, and Globalization program, Brad Stephens and Yugasha Bakshi, serve as co-hosts for the podcast.

The first arc introduces and defines Trust in conversation with leading scholars in the field, while the second arc focuses on PowerListen here or wherever you stream podcasts.

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Community Change is an online, peer-reviewed, graduate student journal that seeks to explore multiple approaches to democratic community development and change. This interdisciplinary journal examines the practices, processes, and individual and collective struggles that produce change at all levels of society. Community Change adopts a broad definition of community development that includes issues relating to public policy, democratization, collective action, physical and social infrastructure developments, agency, and efficacy.

Launched in 2023, this podcast showcases the journal's recently published works through conversations with the authors. Listen here or wheverever you stream your podcasts.