Resources for Soundings

Title Available As Summary Date ID Author
A Presidency of Lies, Fearmongering and Human Degradation Jan 7, 2019 Soundings
Reflections on Human Empathy and Empathetic Leadership Apr 8, 2019 Soundings
“Borderline Insanity,” Modernity and Democratic Possibility Jan 14, 2019 Soundings
The Perils of False Binaries and Magical Thinking Jan 28, 2019 Soundings
Facets of a Diamond Feb 11, 2019 Soundings
Of Freedom and Dark, Cruel Lies Feb 25, 2019 Soundings
Note from Max Stephenson about Soundings Mar 25, 2019 Soundings
Pondering Kintsugi and Community Change in Appalachia Jun 4, 2018 Soundings
Soundings July 2: An “Infestation” of Lies [1] Jul 2, 2018 Soundings
Note from Max Stephenson about Soundings. Jul 16, 2018 Soundings
Prophetic Imagination and the Current American Governance Crisis Jul 30, 2018 Soundings
Rationalizing Trump: A Strained and Strange Mixture of Fantasy and Fear Aug 13, 2018 Soundings
A Calculated Attack on Human Rights and Dignity Aug 27, 2018 Soundings
A Mass-Delusion Event Sep 10, 2018 Soundings
Musings on “Curating Consciousness” Sep 23, 2012 Soundings
Attacking Human Rights and Accountability Sep 24, 2018 Soundings
Arts and the Civil Rights Movement: Life Force of a Fight for Justice Sep 29, 2013 Soundings
Aboard a ‘Ship of Fools’ Awash with Hate Oct 8, 2018 Soundings
The Power of Language in Human Society Oct 22, 2018 Soundings
Only Our Nation’s Citizens Can Address its Deepening Governance Crisis Nov 5, 2018 Soundings
Note from Max Stephenson about Soundings Nov 19, 2018 Soundings
Recalling the Lessons of the Voyage of the MS St. Louis Dec 3, 2018 Soundings